Download und minimal instructions for apache, php, perl und mysql für die Dreambox

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First of all I have not contributed in developing or compiling php, msql und perl for PowerPCs.
I searched for this software and found it at As some people in the forum has been looking vor such a software and gamesquad URL is no more reachable, I decided to write this kind of instructions
I've installed and tested apache, php und perl on my Dreambox 7020. I you have found some errors, have hints or other ideas, please refer to my EMail Address:Edmund Schöpf


You can find a lot of instructions (and better then mine) on the internet, but maybe it could be helpeful for som of you.

I made the installation of the local package without understanding why. I installed apache on another Dreambox without local.tar.gz and it worked.

Click here to the optional Installation

In order to work comfortabely you should have installed a harddisk on your dreambox.

Installation Apache

Installation of PHP

* unpack the php-package (we copied it to /hdd/tmp) * copy file httpd.conf.php on httpd.conf * Make the following entries to httpd.conf in the LoadModule/AddType Section * restart apache In the same way you can install perl and mysql (I did not test myqsl)

Download tar.gz for Dreambox (PowerPC Version)



Install instructions for some libs/binaries for dreambox
I recommend to use the 'cut and paste' feature to perform these steps. The are a lot of . (dots) in the commands

* Download local.tar.gz and FTP to /hdd/tmp
* Unpack tarfile

* Give user root a writable home directory ( for .profile ) by changing the 6th field ( : is seperator ) in /etc/passwd from / to /hdd/root. If you want to edit /etc/passwd with mc (Midnight Commander = Norton Commander clone) do the following
* Create a .profile for root. The .profile gets executed during login. * execute .profile After performing these instructions, the user root has a .profile. In this .profile a script (/hdd/opt/local/ is called to set the right environment for all other programs downloaded from my download site. The script /hdd/opt/local/ extends the PATH variable in such a way that all bin and sbin directories found in /hdd/opt/local/* are added.